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Week Five at BHBD

Ebonne' Alexander

Week Five

Data and Operations Manager

This week as a very fun week. I got to work on the website and it showed me just how much Jayda does. It was really hard work, but I got to get to know more about jobs. What I really enjoyed was interacted with the summer camp girls because I normally don't do that it was a very fun and rewarding experience.

Tanija Sharpe

Week Five

Fundraiser and Event Manager

I enjoyed interacting and being around the same account girls on July 29th 2015 from 9:30 to 5.The challenging part for me was working on everyone's information into the Big Hair Bigger Dreams mailing list. One of the best things I enjoyed was a social media group that I was in with the summer camp girls that was hosted by Ms. Yolanda.

Genesis Oats

Week Five

Social Media and Recruitment manager

I'd have to say that last week was a very fun week we got to hangout over at Mrs. Bee's house for two days in a row and both of those days was blast. The summer camp had published their first report in the Urban Spectrum and they all came out with very exceeding results. To say the least I enjoyed watching the girls come together and working on their projects. Besides the girls very hard work we all got to enjoy ourselves at her pool as well as enjoy each others company during lunch.

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