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Week Three at BHBD

Genesis- This week was an appreciative learning experience for ,me at the Tech4All facility. Personally I enjoyed myself during this fun filled field trip where I learned how to deconstruct a laptop as well as recieve a generous donation from this company to our organization. I would like to say thank you and give a shout out to Tech4All for all the knowledge you have shared with us.

Jayda- I had a very fun time this week. BHBD got a generous donation from DenverTech4All of 18 computers. I gained a phenominal learning experience taking apart computers. I appreciate the hospitality that everyone there showed us. Everyone there helped us greatly and I really value what I learned!

Thank you DenverTech4All!

Ebonne'- I had so much fun this week. All of us here at BHBD got an amazing donation of eighteen computures from DenverTech4All. As thanks we went there and volunteered. It was so much fun. We got to take apart computers and learn more about the DenverTech4All organazation. There was also some amazing people there to help us. Shout out to my lab partner Marty. He is literally the best. He helped learn more than I ever could about computers. Overall it was a very fun and amazing learning experience. DenverTech4All <3<3

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