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Week Two at BHBD

Jayda Martin, Web and Marketing Manager- Our week consisted of accounting, taking inventory, and completing our promotion video. This week we worked on our promotional video and the video was made to inform the community about what BHBD offers for young girls of color. We met a new co-worker and we all worked as a team to complete our video by the required deadline date. I became a better team player through this week. We were introduced to our new co-worker and we all worked together to complete the task at hand. I was able to further develop my editing skills and work in a great team!

Tanija Sharpe, Fundraiser and Event Manager- I focused on Business accounting and a Promotion video. I would say that business accounting was the hardest part but in the process I learned so much about handling business and being organized and knowing how much you should have compared to what you already have. The Promotion video was challenging but also it was a life learning experience that taught me about myself and what i'm best at and what i need more help on. Also helping other people and being a reliable source was an awesome experience for me and i really enjoyed it.

Ebonne' Alexander, Data and Operations Manager- There was alot of trials this week. We got to meet a new co-worker, work on a promational video, and experice accounting at it's worse. Then again anything math is automatically the worse. Though it was something we had never done it was a nice experience. It made me realize that I can rely on my fellow co-workers when I can't do something. Also it gave me a chance to gain a new skill that I otherwise wouldn't have because it is outside of my comfort zone. Up above is the fruits of our labor and long nights. :) <3<3

Genesis Oats, Social Media/recruitment manager- What we worked on this week was out promotional video, which was to help encourgae more participants to join our organization. What our week consisted of was a lot of planning creative thinking and consisted crucial decision making. To make our week even more interesting Mr. Wayne E. Vaden bought our lunch at the Coffee at the Point (big shout). We finalized and completed our video with exceptional results and published the video which could be seen on our website. An overall thing I have learned was how to communicate with everyone one a professional level.

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