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Camp Participants:

17 Amazing young women rose to the occasion and graduated from a rigorous Social Justice Leadership Camp over the course of their Spring Break! 

The camp was focused on the issue of homelessness. Each girl completed 5 hours of service at Volunteers of America, where they sorted clothes, served meals, and got to know people impacted by homelessness. These exceptional Big Hair, Bigger Dreams girls had a blast providing over 110 collective hours of service! They each picked an area of interest as it relates to homelessness and created a multimedia project on their topic.

These girls each spent 45 hours over the course of 7 days building relationships, learning how to be leaders, and working hard. Click on the links below to see their leadership projects.


Sup, my name is Madison. I am in 9th grade and I go to DCIS. The three things I like to do in my free time are debate, watch anime, and sometimes do crafts. I joined Big Hair, Bigger Dreams because of the need to talk about social justice. My big dream now is to become a lawyer.


Click here to see Madison's website


Hey, I’m Donielle and I’m 14 years old. When I am in school, I focus on my classes, but when I am out of school I like to relax. I love Instagram because it's a way that I can express myself. I’m also a shy person and my favorite food is pizza. After I graduate I would like to make videos for YouTube. I joined BHBD to make friends and learn new skills.


 Donielle and Genesis worked together to create a movie. Click here to see their movie


Hi, my name is Genesis. I am 16 years old and attend Denver School of the Arts as a stagecraft and design major. I do my best to participate in everything I can to benefit myself and help others in my spare time. I am a part of the Boys and Girls Club, Keystone, and a couple of pageants to keep me both grounded and well aware of the things around me. Big Hair, Bigger Dreams is one of the programs that helped me grow into the person I am and I appreciate Ms. Ginnie and this program so much. Big Hair, Bigger Dreams is the best!

Genesis and Donielle worked together to create a movie. Click here to see their movie


Hello, my name is Mekaela. I’m in 8th grade at Morey Middle School. When I am not at school I like to read, draw, and play basketball. I joined Big Hair, Bigger Dreams because I like the idea of sisterhood, success, and academics. I would like to be an engineer and try to go to an ivy league college.


Makaela and Alyssa worked together to create a movie. Click here to see their movie


Hello, my name is Brittany, I attend Vanguard Classical School and I am a junior in high school. A hobby I like to do at school is read and write. I wanted to join Big Hair, Bigger Dreams because I would like to learn new things. I plan to be an oral surgeon and join the Navy.


Click here to see Brittany's Website.


Hi, my name is Alyssa. I go to Gateway High School and I am in 9th grade. I love to listen to music and hangout with friends in my free time and read books that I think are interesting. I joined Big Hair, Bigger Dreams because I want to be with other girls and connect over anything else but drama. I want to go to college and be an oceanographer.


Alyssa and Makaela worked together to create a movie. Click here to see their movie


Hi, my name is Kiana and I love to laugh and dance. I could not live without hot sauce or my dog Max. The most important things to me in my life are my family and friends. I am super glad I joined this camp because I learned a lot of new things and made new friends.



Kiana and Onyx worked together on a movie. Click here to see their movie


Hi, my name is Onyx. A few things I do during my free time is play basketball and read books about basketball. The reason why I did Big Hair, Bigger Dreams is because my sister convinced me to do it because we learn about engineering. Two or three dreams I have in life to be a lawyer of sports and crime, a violinist, or be in the WNBA.


Onyx and Kiana worked together on a movie. Click here to see their movie


Hi, my name is Enti. I go to Vanguard Classical School and I’m in 10th grade. What I like to do in my free time is hang out with friends and read books. I joined Big Hair, Bigger Dreams because I would like to do something to help better the community. I plan on going to college and becoming a nurse.



Enti and Abby worked on a movie together. Click here to see their movie.


Hi, my name is Abby Osman, I’m 16 and go to Vanguard Classical School. I’m in 11th grade. During my free time I like to use my phone or go out with friends.  I wanted to be in Big Hair Bigger Dreams because I am a strong supporter of social justice. I believe that everyone should have an input or a voice in situations where it's needed. You must stand up for yourself first before believing that someone else will do it for you. When I’m older I want to either become a forensic scientist or a nurse.


 Abby and Enti worked on a movie together. Click here to see their movie.


My name is Alysha and I attend MLK Early College since 9th grade and now I am currently in 10th. In my free time I enjoy drawing, looking at make-up videos, and teaching my brothers.


Click here to see Alysha's website.


Hi, my name is Harmonee. I go to East High School and I am a freshman. I am 14 years old. When I graduate high school I want to be a nurse working in labor and delivery. What I want out of this program is more success in my life. I hope that this program makes my attitude and life more positive.


Hello, my name is Mahala and I’m 17 and going into my senior year of high school. I’m an oldest child of 6, and I plan on being the first person in my immediate family to graduate from high school and go to college. I also hope to set the dream for my younger siblings that they can not only graduate from high school but also college. I come from two amazing, hardworking and inspiring parents who taught me that the impossible is possible and that giving up is not an option in life. I aspire to be an active member in my Colorado community by changing the stereo-types and hypocritical views of the people that come from these communities.


Click here to see Mahala's website


My name is Alexis. I am a freshman at MLK Early College. In my free time, I write books and play instruments. I want to join Big Hair, Bigger Dreams because I always wanted to talk to other people and help them with their problems. After high school, I want to go to Harvard University and study to become a Neurologist.


Click here to see Alexis' website


Hi, my name is Ebonne’ Alexander and I am currently a junior at George Washington High School. In my free time I enjoy volunteering, reading, and watching Korean dramas. I love the mission of Big Hair, Bigger Dreams, and I think the camp will help me bring more awareness into my life of what needs to be addressed. In the fall I plan to go to college and pursue a career in pediatric surgery.


Click here to see Ebonne's website


Hello, my name is Kami and I attend Vanguard Classical School in Aurora Colorado. I am in the 9th grade. When I am not in school I like to sing and play basketball. I joined Big Hair, Bigger Dreams to help my community and I like to participate in new things as well as meet new people. A couple of goals I have in life is to either play in the WNBA or go to Stanford for law.

Click here to see Kami's movie.


Hi, my name is Temple White-Cook. I attend DSST: Cole High School and I am currently in the 9th grade. I plan on attending Temple University to get my bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice. In the future I would love to make it into the police academy and become an officer. My mom signed me up for BHBD but later into the program I started to enjoy being there; it was like a family who always enjoyed being around each other.

Click here to see Temple's movie

Peer Mentors:

3 amazing young women graduated from the winter camp a few months ago. We've hired them to come back as Peer Mentors to 17 other girls! Each Peer Mentor had a special project. Click the links below to see their projects!


My name is Jazmyn Smith, I’m 15 years old and in 10th grade at East High School. After graduating from high school I plan to attend a university majoring in psychology and one of my biggest dreams is to open my own psychiatric clinic and teach dance. I am a peer mentor to take the next step in my social justice leadership.


Peer Mentor Bios


Diaraye Diallo is a freshman at DSST: COLE and she aspires to receive a degree in Civil Engineering and Political Science. She hopes to return to her home country, Guinee, and make a positive impact. She loves to read, spend time with family and discuss controversial issues (she’s a huge social justice freak!)


 I am a Dreamer Film


Hashaqueena Earth has recently received a certification in Ecology. She is also a singer and plays piano and guitar. She loves theater and she is a Dancer. She is also passionate about animals. She loves fashion and poetry. She joined Big Hair Bigger Dreams to meet other girls like her and to build up her confidence as a girl and since then she feels stronger as a young woman.


Camp Experience


What's good? I'm Jamica and I graduated with my bachelors in sociology and history from CSU last year. When I'm not working I am dancing with my gal pals, the Diamond Dolls, or hanging out with my pup. I joined Big Hair Bigger Dreams because it aligns with my current and future goals of working towards social justice while practicing alternative education. In addition to running my own organization in the future, I plan on becoming a sociology professor so that I can do research, publish, teach, and travel!


My name is Morgan and I am a graduate student at University of Colorado-Denver. I am studying Public Administration. In my free time, I like to spend time with my husband, cook, ski, and hike. I joined Big Hair, Bigger Dreams because I am passionate about social justice issues. After graduate school, I hope to work for a non-profit that does social justice work.


My name is Ginnie. I am a PhD student at University of Colorado-Boulder. In my free time, I love to travel, read books, and play with my dog. I founded Big Hair, Bigger Dreams because I wanted to help girls like me to accomplish their dreams. After I earn my PhD, I want to continue leading BHBD and also be a college professor! I love to eat but can’t cook. My favorite food is Thai food.



Naya, Iesha, and Joseph

These three high school students spent twelve hours volunteering at our camp. Thank you Naya Russell-Coprich, Iesha Said, and Joseph Ryan!

We would also like to thank our sponsors for making this camp possible!

Click their logo visit their websites

Special thanks to

Harry Todd and Pamoline McDonald for making a cash donation, which provided four girls with scholarships!

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