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Week Four at BHBD

Tanija Sharpe This week i focused on the Bake sale that we are fundraising for the girls in our summer camp program to have an graduation celebration. Which for me is a nice experience to be able to organize a bake sale and set everything up for the bake sale, which is challenging but also fun in a way because i can look back in the future and think to myself "yes i did that , i accomplished something this summer and i enjoyed doing it". This week i was also able to experience what being a journalist is like and about and interact with the girls from summer camp. The girls from the summer camp took a trip to Cheyenne Wyoming to ask questions and learn more about "The Printer" a very big company industry. Also we went to Frontier Days Rodeo and was able to meet the Queen and see the show. I enjoyed it very much and it was a nice experience

Ebonne' Alexander

This week the primary focus was to make sure everything is up to date beacause Ginnie was occupied with the summer camp. We also finally started updating our social media so look foward to it. This week was really a chance to show that we can do our work with out the constant eye of Ginnie watching over us. Over all it was very intersting week and it tested the relations I have with fellow office workers. See you again next week. <3<3

Genesis- This week was our first week of Summer camp (STEM and Journalism) which takes place at the Black American West Museum. My focus for this week was towards updating our website and social media as well as partaking in the field trip to Cheyenne Wyoming with the summer camp. This week has taught me how to work things out on my own and that the professional world could be testy world but works out in the end.

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