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Sister Circle

We know that the traditional cultural spaces in which girls and women would learn from, share, connect, and laugh with each other are disappearing. Those sacred women spaces, such as the beauty salon, the kitchen table, the quilters circle, church, and the book club are eroding as we move into a fast paced world that leaves little time for genuine human connection. With the disappearance of these once sacred cultural spaces, so erodes our relationships with women who are like ourselves. In her book, Sisters of the Yam, bell hooks says that "healing occurs through testimony, through gathering together everything available to you and reconciling..."  Our Sister Circles are spaces in which girls can reconcile the sometimes conflicting reality of their daily life.


Sister Circles are our contemporary attempt to recreate those traditional cultural spaces in which women shared with one another. Sister Circles provide a safe, directed environment, where girls and women engage in honest, relevant, intergenerational conversation. Our hope for the groups is that we create space where girls can name their struggle, while finding ways of healing and acceptance. 


Our workshops focus on issues that directly impact the lives of young women today,

including self-image, pop culture, sex, religion, hair, career, school, and life in general.  Sister Circles make the space for those all too important conversations between women to happen. We hope that participants walk away having spoken their authentic truths, made a connection, learned a new skill,  made a friend, laid a burden down, got an affirmation, gave an affirmation, and are empowered to continue their journey knowing that they are supported and that they have the power to live the lives they deserve.




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